Dulwich Home was founded by Snowy Long , along with the help from family and friends. Through our love of design, crafting, packaging, poodles and fundamentally  wanting a greener planet and zero waste - the making of the beeswax wraps was born. We also sell party tableware  for every occasion, Baby Shower, Christening, Wedding, Birthday Parties, Hen Nights, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. 

Beeswax wraps are a natural alternative to cling film and tin foil. They are recyclable and biodegradable. They keep our  food fresher for much longer than cling film as they allow the food to breathe. So cheese doesn't sweat , carrots don't wilt, herbs stay fresh and bread doesn't go hard and mouldy! So they keep our food fresh and oceans clean. So what's not to like and they last for ages.

The wraps are made from 100% locally sourced UK  beeswax that's our London, Kent and Herts hives and next year I'd like to say from our own hives too!  We do not add other ingredients such as pine resins and oils as these are irritants -  pine resin or gum rosin is harmful . For more information please see our FAQ page. Guys, dolls, lads, ladies, kids  let's keep it natural.

WHATS'S VERY IMPORTANT - For every packet of wraps we are giving you  a packet of RHS certified Bee Pollinator Seeds  1000 seeds   = RRP £3.99 on Amazon  - we need to support the honey bee and pollinators - WE also donate 10% of our Natural History Wrap Sales  to the  Natural History Museum.

bee pollinator seeds.jpg