Frequently asked questions

Where are the beeswax wraps made?

They are hand made in London using locally sourced UK 100% pure beeswax.

What are they made from?

100% Locally sourced UK beeswax. We do not add other ingredients such as pine resin as this can cause respiratory problems and it can promote allergic reactions! We keep our products pure! Pine resin has a Chemical Safety Data Sheet which includes the following warnings: Ingestion of large quantities may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach, and produce gastrointestinal symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. Repeated or prolonged skin contact with the solid state can cause contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction. It can also cause eczema. When heated, particularly to temperatures above 200°C… hazardous fumes are formed. Early symptoms from fume exposure can include: irritation to the upper respiratory tract and eyes, watering, prickly eyes, running or blocked nose, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, tight chest and breathlessness. So we dont want to replace cling film wih a wax wrap that contains a chemical safety sheet warning. The pine resin is to give more stickiness to a wrap so it clings better to a bowl - our wraps aren't as sticky as ones with resin but still work extremely well as the warmth of your hand moulds the wrap around a bowl.

Are the wraps reuseable?

Yes! they can be reused for months and up to a year depending on care and use. You can also refresh the wraps. We sell a refresher block with instructions on how to refresh your wraps - you will need an iron and some baking parchment.

Why use beeswax wraps?

Cling film pollutes our planet as it is not recyclable and hence when it is put into landfill the chemicals and toxins break down and leech into our soils and ground water causing toxins to enter the food chain. Cling film also ends up in the sea and the marine animals mistake it for food. The plastic ends up in their stomach and toxins enter the food chain. Biodegradeable cling film does exist however it is made from oxo-degradeable plastics which simply degrade into smaller particles and hence cause marine pollution. Beeswax wraps keep food fresher for longer as they allow the food to breathe and retain their moisture. You may use them keep cut foods such as half onions,lemons and avocados fresh.let cheese breath naturally, naturally, keep bread from going stale, cover food inside the fridge and outside, and so much more! Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and water resistant- making these wraps perfect for keeping your food fresh and protected! These make a great eco-friendly gift for family or friends who are looking to reduce their plastic use or become zero waste.

Can I put my wraps in the microwave or dishwasher?

No as this will melt the wax!

Do I have to wash my wraps after every use?

Not necessarily as this will depend on the food you have wrapped - so bread, crackers and herbs are dry foods and you will maybe need to just wipe the crumbs away. However wetter foods such as half a grapefruit, cooked meats, half an avocado may require a wash in cold water.

How do I clean my wraps

Gently wash in cool water - hot water will melt the wax, use a mild dish soap , hang or lay flat to drip dry.

How long do the wraps last?

This all depends on handling and usage, so up to 8 months. The grippy stickiness may reduce but they still work to cover food. You can also revive your wraps by purchasing our refresher block and giving them a new lease of life!

How do I refresh my wraps?

If the wrap is looking a little tired and it has been folded in many places you can refresh it by placing the wrap between 2 sheets of baking paper and iron it on a low heat. Please do not be close to any naked flame as beewax is highly flammable. You can also totally revive the wrap by purchasing our refresher block (or any good quality beeswax) and folllow the instructions that come with the block, which are a little more detailed than above.

Who are beeswax wraps suitable for?

Anyone that cares about the environment! They make great eco gifts for family and friends. They are also great for camping, caravanning and sailing. Ideal for picnics and festival going. You can also wrap your dogs treats and cover their food bowls!

What foods shouldn't I wrap with them?

It is not advisable to wrap raw meat and fish.