• Hook, Line And Floater

    Nobody wants to see something brown lurking on the surface of their bath tub. In the Fishing for Floaters game, these happy little poos bob up and down in the bath, and the aim of the game is to fish them out as fast as possible. Included in the set are six plastic poops, who stare at you beseechingly with their big cartoon eyes as they celebrate their new-found freedom in the great big ocean. Also included is a fishing rod and net, specifically to help you spoil all their fun.

    The fishing rod has a line and grappling hook on the end of it, and you have to use all of your skill and dexterity to try to make the hooks slip through the loops on the top of each floater and reel them in. The poops come in two different shapes - sausage and walnut whip (sorry to ruin your lunch but we don't know how else to describe them), adding extra layers of difficulty and faecal fun to the game. The net is an easier way to scoop out the poo, for younger players or those who are simply feeling a bit pooped.

    About The Product

    • Fun practice for your toddler's bathtime
    • Be prepared for any code brown emergency
    • Leave them in the bath as a fun surprise for the next visitor
    • Hook the loops on the top of the poops
    • Great gift for the toilet humour fan
    • Fishing for floaters skills could go on your CV
    • Fun for one or play with a friend
    • Not suitable for children under 3
    • Contains small parts and a cord - may cause choking or strangulation
    • Always use product with adult supervision

    What Do You Get?

    • 6 x Plastic Floaters
    • 1 x Fishing Rod
    • 1 x Net