• The pack contains 2 wraps one 20x20cm and one 30x30cm. The 30cm wrap if great for wrapping sandwiches, larger chunks of cheese, half melons, wrapping vegetables such as carrots, celery and covering bowls. The smaller 20cm wrap is ideal for smaller chunks of cheese, half lemons, herbs, half avocados, covering a bowl of left overs or that half tin of baked beans! You can even use them to seal a wine bottle or milk bottle top. The pack is one of our best selling designs the penguin and fish.


    Sizes are approximate. May appear with yellow tint due to natural colour of bees wax, and may have a slight beewax aroma which is lovely, this goes after a few uses. Made from 100% Pure Natural UK beeswax and 100% cotton material.

    Set of 2 Beeswax Wraps - Penguin