• These extra large props look fabulous dotted around the garden.

    Perfect for a Mad Hatter's tea party, hen party, wedding, anniversary or a birthday party!

    Every pack contains 8 oversized props including a pointing finger, the White Rabbit, a pocket watch, a flamingo, a mad hatter joker card, a mad hatter top hat, a rose & a Queen of Hearts playing card.

    Each one is made from stiff card.

    Approx measurements:
    Pocket Watch - 39cm H x 28cm W,
    Playing Cards - 40cm H x 26cm W,
    Pointing Hand - 40cm W x 17cm H,
    Top Hat - 16cm H x 34cm W,
    Rose - 35cm W x 27cm H,
    White Rabbit - 40cm H x 20cm W,
    Flamingo - 41cm H x 22cm W.

    Place the props around your venue or even use as oversized photo booth props!

    Can be co-ordinated with the full Truly Alice range or used on their own.